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And so we begin

This girl said I should start writing and I demurred. But she’s cleverly convincing and said there are people out there who share my aesthetic, who love design like I do, and who could draw as much from my experience as I draw from theirs. And so today, on a cool autumn day in September, I’m relinquishing my lurker status and putting my deep admiration for texture, colour, and all things modern on display. 

Whoever you are dear reader, I’m hoping that here, together, we can explore the design in the everyday. Sounds clichéd, doesn’t it? I mean it in the purest form though — design is to each of us our own creation. Design to me might be rubbish to you, design to you might be inspiration to the next. Whatever design is, its out there for our discovery and I’m actively weaving it into my day-do-day. If you’re into that, this might just be a place for you to stop by from time to time to see what I’m thinking about, what projects I’ve got kicking around, and to share your own thoughts and ideas about living through design. 

So, with big thanks to the lovely lady I mentioned above, with a dash of hope, and with a somewhat fearful respect for the inherent risk in the unknown, here goes. Cheers to Textured Modern, a brand new space for those who want to incorporate a fresh modern aesthetic into their daily lives.

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