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A few of my favorite things…

Last week I promised that I’d return to share a smattering of the things I like in architecture and design. I know you’ve been holding your breath in anticipation but you can rest easy as today is that much anticipated day!Like so many, I consider Pinterest to be my creativity warehouse, wherein all the beautiful images and ideas I’ve stockpiled over the years lay in wait for my future creative pursuits. In the early days I used to try and annotate my pins carefully, noting what it was that drew me to the image and trying to help create a little memory file so that when the day came to build my future house/populate said house with gorgeous furniture/outfit a future child I would remember exactly what it was I loved about the image. These days I’ll admit to being much less fastidious about my pin descriptions, and as you explore my boards you’ll see the decline evolution.

Anyway, I’ve spent some time combing through my boards and have salvaged some of my favorite images to give you a sense of the kinds of houses, rooms, settings, furniture and accessories that I’m drawn to. It’s practically impossible to choose so few images and its definitely impossible for them to even come close to representing the full spectrum of my likes. That said, this here is just a little taste and surely over the days, weeks, and months that come you’ll have a chance to dive more deeply with me into these and much more of the design I love.In the meantime, for a closer look at all this goodness (and to see each image untouched by PinCo, a technology I’m only just experimenting with), you can find the Pinterest board with some of my favorite things here.

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