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A touch of gorgeousness from Dinosaur Designs

Happy Friday! I love Fridays because I get to spend them with my toddler son, L, and we get to roam the city, go on trips, get up to mischief, and its usually just the two of us. While I treasure our Friday adventures, I also treasure the peace and quiet during L’s nap time, as it’s the one dedicated time during the week that I can think about all things gratifying in the visual world around me. And today, during nap time, I realized that I’d be remiss if I weren’t to share with you my favourite jewelry and home wares (online) destination: Dinosaur Designs. I’m known among friends and colleagues for my bold necklaces and much of the credit for this little fashion signature is due to these amazing, relatively unknown artists.

Dinosaur cups bowls resin red orange yellowDesigns is an Australian retailer who started off in the late 80’s as a small trio of artists making all sorts of fimo (whoah, flashback, remember fimo?) and resin necklaces, bracelets, platters and the like, and now has a very wide range of pieces fin a number of different materials. I’m partial to the more traditional resin pieces, but the colors and the boldness of all the work is really quite stunning. They now have a shop in New York and just opened one in London while we were there in September.  Stopping in at the shop in NYC has become tradition during our annual family holiday weekend trip to the city and I find it pretty much impossible to go into the store without purchasing a little something (their pieces make fantastic, albeit somewhat expensive, gifts for the holidays and beyond).

So take a moment to pop by one of their stores or check out the gorgeousness online…. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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