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For the love of a desk

I remember when we were designing our apartment, the desk was something I spent some not insignificant time thinking about. Neither my partner nor I spend a lot of time working from home and we’re both pretty content typing away on our laptops on stools at the raised kitchen counter, but we did have an actual desktop computer that needed a home. So we decided to incorporate a desk into our multipurpose (entryway/guest overflow/linen closet) room and designed a beautiful walnut inset that would provide a nice contrast with the strong white cabinetry and give us just enough space for the desktop and a few accoutrements. So we were all set, right? About half way through the construction, our good friends at ZeroEnergy Design suggested we incorporate some workspace into the steel railing at the edge of the loft area. I could hardly imagine what they meant by this and thought it would be something we never used, but ended up going along with it because my partner liked the sound of it. Since I had such a heavy hand in designing almost everything within these four walls, I was pretty willing to let him have this desk if he so chose. And he did.

Today, sitting here to write this post, I have to tell you that this workspace was a brilliant idea. There’s something magical about sitting up here, seemingly on top of our home, and typing away with a view of everything below. Not only that though, I love the openness of this desk. Sure, our built-in desk is great for a quick check of your email, but when you want to sit down and be productive (or even just cruise the internet for pictures of gorgeous houses), the openness of this space is really liberating. I can sit here working (or cruising) for hours on end and I don’t get antsy, distracted, or feel that I need to get up and move around. I can concentrate and lose myself in what I am doing and I swear that this desk is the reason.

Photo credit: Eric Roth

Photo credit: Eric Roth

If you’re going through a construction or renovation project and think to yourself, well, I hardly ever sit down at a computer for a long time when I’m at home and I could just as easily have my laptop at the counter/on my lap/in bed/whatever, take a quick second to really imagine how you plan to live in your space, and also ask yourself whether having a dedicated desk might make a lot of sense. Not only that, but if you have the right kind of home, you might consider an open desk, somewhere with a a little view out over your space. I never would have imagined it in the beginning, but I love this creative use of our loft balcony and would create the same workspace over again in a heartbeat.

For some other desks and living spaces I’m drawn to (that have yet to find their way into my home), check out my Living Spaces board on Pinterest.

Postscript: I wish I had a more recent picture of the desk (and the living area in general). It all looks so stark and uninviting in the picture above, but I promise you the whole space is more warmly decorated now and the desk is a dream workspace.

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