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Those little gingerbread houses on Pinterest

I succumbed to the pressure of Pinterest this weekend and decided to make those little ginger bread houses that have been showing up in everyone’s Pinterest feed. I thought that since they’re really graham cracker houses that it would be a pretty straightforward project for me and the kid to try while we had four days of fun without the husband.  It certainly wasn’t as straightforward as I anticipated (boiling sugar syrup isn’t exactly super toddler friendly) but on balance it was really enjoyable and an entirely worthwhile project. We ended up making a whole village, but alas I only have two of the houses left to share with you since a large furry natural disaster (read: our big friendly Akita) made a meal of the rest of the village when our backs were turned.
Anyway, as I created gummy bear wall patterns and tiled roofs with twizzlers, it dawned on me that with a little imagination I could have been making modern masterpieces à la Dwell Magazine. I’m pretty excited about the prospect and while it might just not be on the agenda for the rest of this holiday season, it’s definitely going to happen next year. I’m sure there are awesome examples of modern gingerbread and graham cracker architecture out there to inspire me, not least on Pinterest, but I’ve decided to use all my available self-restraint, avoid the online inspiration, and start to dream up my own blueprints.
So watch this space… I’m moving up in the gingerbread construction world and next year’s village will be nothing short of amazing.

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