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Qué hace de una casa un hogar?

I’m traveling in Monterrey this week, and have spent a good amount of time with the smart, ambitious and fascinating leadership team at Universidad Regiomontana. They’re in the process of rethinking university education from top to bottom, from eliminating hierarchy to creating a brand new student experience facilitated by learning coaches (not professors), mixed-use open learning spaces, practicum and placement-based learning, the list goes on. It’s really impressive what they’re trying to do… but that’s a story for another time when I’m not exhausted after a seemingly endless series of (albeit fantastic) meetings.

Walking by this ballpit smack in the middle of one of the high-traffic areas of the university, the ball I first picked up, and which immediately caught my attention was this one. Qué hace de una casa un hogar? Or in English, what makes a house a home? It seems so à propos doesn’t it? Funny the little things you come across in daily life…. This one definitely made me smile.

Postscript: what’s a ballpit doing in the middle of a university? Turns out that the administration is engaging in all sorts of games, tricks, and adventures to engage students in new ways and create a strong and exciting institutional culture.  So on Valentine’s Day the university’s administration installed this big container of various sized coloured balls and asked students to share the questions they have about life, school, and whatever else was on their mind. A bit of a random act of engagement, no?

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