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A New Room for Little L

Textured Modern has been filled with kid-related posts recently, which goes a little against what I was hoping to create in this space. The thing is, we’re tossing around some ideas to liven up some of our spaces and have been industriously engaged in some pretty full on home reorganization, and out of all of this has come a lot of kid-related reflection. To those of you without kids, please bear with me through this a-b-c, 1-2-3 time, I promise lots of good adult-focused content in the coming weeks.

I want to share what I’ve been working on for the revitalization of Little L’s room. I love his room now, I really do, and those of you know me are aware of how meticulously considered his first room was. After all, we didn’t anticipate a lot of kid things seeping out into the main living area (and other than the playroom under the stairs, we were pretty spot on) and so I wanted to create a space for him that would be full of things he loved and that could be his refuge. Of course, he’s a little young for a refuge and spends almost all of his waking hours in the play area under the stairs. But for some reason I thought the nursery would be a much more highly-trafficked area when I first designed it. Now that’s he’s two and is in a toddler bed, it seems like a great time to rethink his space.

Before we dive into the details of what’s to come, let me give you a little background. It’s a small, almost square-shaped room (10×11) with a door towards one of the corners. The walls are off-white and there’s one accent wall that is a medium gray. We had custom roman blinds made of this incredible fabric from Studio Bon (they have AMAZING unique and modern fabrics) and they hang over a glass block clerestory window on the accent wall.

In the idea board above you can see what I’m thinking about for this new room… It’s certainly not going to be a radical departure from the nursery, especially since the awesome dresser, tube top table lamp and duvet cover will be the same, and the toddler bed is a close cousin of the crib. The nursery used to have a 4×6 sheepskin rug that was divine, until our Akita started to spend extended periods of time wallowing in its comfort. It’s no longer the absolute wonder that it once was so we’ll move onto a more traditional rug (with perhaps a small sheepskin in front of the bed?).

I’ll start ordering the new pieces in the next couple of weeks and we’re hoping to set it up in late February. The big question is, should we put it all together in secret and surprise Little L or should we involve him in the process?

***Wondering about the origin of the pieces above? Here’s the info: Land of Nod Widest Stripe Toddler Duvet Cover, Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed, Land of Nod Bungalow Play Home, Giant Paleo Plush (dinosaur), Pablo Tube Top Lamp, Custom roman blinds with Studio Bon fabric, Ikea Mandal Dresser, Land of Nod Felt Storage Bins, Land of Nod Tally Rug. Strange that it ended up being such a lot of Land of Nod….***

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  1. Nehal says

    Love all the pieces here! Looks like Little L has an AWESOME room. I spoke to someone else doing up their child’s room recently and they said they put in sensor lights near the doorway (which connects to the hall and bathroom) so that the lights would automatically switch on at night every time their son needs to use the bathroom….ie, mum and dad don’t have to keep getting up to help him! Thought that was a good idea too 🙂


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