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Q: what do web design, a stairway, and a floor plan have in common?

So I’ve been on Pinterest for a while now and I tend to sort of do my own thing and pin away as I see fit without much regard for whether the images will appeal to others. As opposed to here, where I am intentionally hoping to share things with you that you will like and enjoy… Anyway, every now and then I notice that certain pins of mine are pinned over and over and over again. I’m always a touch bemused by which the popular ones are and there are three in particular that get endless amounts of attention so I thought I’d share them with you here and get your take. It’s funny, I really like the two images (the third one — a floor plan — is sort of in a category of its own), but of the over a thousand pins I have to date, I wonder whether these ones would be in my top five or top ten if I ever had to choose? Anyway, here they are: the three most popular pins from my account…

Number 1:

Website Design_Alicia CarvalhoAn example of phenomenal web design. When I first started thinking about Textured Modern (the site, not the concept), I had dreams of it being a replica of this design. I’m serious, I literally dreamt about my site and it looking like this. Alicia Carvahlo is clearly a creative genius and if my little corner of the internet ever takes off to the point where a custom site is within the realm of possibility, she just might be the first person I call. Obviously a zillion other people love the stunningly clean and modern design too as this pin just keeps going ’round and ’round the Pinterest realm.

Number 2:

Metroloft Living Room with StairContrast and geometry are the name of the game here. I can’t help but think that it’s the beautiful contrast of the stark white staircase wall set against the dark background plus the pure geometry of it all that makes this photo tick. As someone who lives in a loft, I’ve thought a lot about the power of that dark wall to unite the two floors and pull together the contiguous spaces. Our stairs are open, but the power of that dark wall could potentially work with all sorts of stairs… I digress. The strength of this image lies in the contrast and geometry present, both of which I’ve thought about trying to replicate in our next home. And by the way, there are a lot of other details in the Metrolofts Condominiums by the amazing architects and designers over at Incorporated that I’d be happy to weave throughout my home.

And odd Number 3:

L shaped ranch house

… And then randomly, this floor plan, which is not only the most pinned image on my floor plans board, but which is also one of my all time top pins overall. A little strange and surprising isn’t it? I choose to just take it as vindication and support for my desperate desire to design and live in a one-level, L-shaped home. If the planets align, our next home will look vaguely like this, with a gorgeous open living area and a beautiful long hallway flanked by simple and modern bedrooms…. Anyway, clearly other people share a similar dream, as this one is repinned over and over again.

So there you have it. Three entirely different images that are getting a lot of love over Pinterest way. What do you think? Like them? Hate them? Have some of your own to share? I’d love to see what’s buzzing around your boards these days.


  1. Linda R says

    Interesting! Your Number 1 picture is one of those that just spreads a calm. I like the looks of Number 2, however, since I’m not inclined with design or the decorating gene, I wouldn’t know where to take the next step. And Number 3 I simply love the one-level layout! I’ve not had the opportunity to take on a challenge of designing and decorating, not that I’d even be up for it, so I’m quite enjoying your journey here! One area I’m realizing is that I love the open concept of a home.


    • I’m glad you’re enjoying this little experiment and so very glad that you’re coming around to the concept of an open home. Looking forward to your thoughts on our next home, whenever that may be… xx


  2. clara from pt says

    I am not crazy about floorplans per se, but the idea of making the best of every space available has me rolling over in bed. Once J & I made an interesting experiment. We were about to move to a new apartment two floors up from the old one, and the same size (landlord issues), and recruited all our closest friends to come over and decide the layout of each room. We made small paper models of each piece of furniture, a very rough floorplan, and bought everybody indian food. We sat on the floor of the newly painted apartment and listened. In the end we didn’t implement their ideas exactly as “decided” but their concerns were always on our minds as we decided where to place each piece. Nowadays our lifes with baby seem to require a new layout almost every week to keep up with the fast and immediate demands of a growing human. Did you have the same experience? Thanks for sharing!


    • I love your experiment. What an undertaking to make all the paper models of furniture and floorplans, but it must have been the most fun. I’m impressed that you could relinquish that much creative control to your friends (even if you didn’t accept all their suggestions)! Really though, Clara, I think that this is one of the best ideas for rethinking your spaces or moving into a new one. Parabens!


  3. Martini says

    I Love the 2nd photo. I would never think to have a pink couch or to do such a graphic paint treatment on my walls. Having said that, I’d love to simply move in to the house in #2 photo.


    • I know, the pink sofa gave me pause at first. But I’m all about that contrasting wall and that deep deep shade of blue/violet/charcoal/who knows what colour. The interior styling isn’t exactly my cup of tea but it does all just seem to fit together doesn’t it?


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