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Perfectly simple spaces in Reykjavik

You know, for someone who writes a blog, I’d say I spend relatively very little time actually popping in on other blogs and keeping abreast of all the good design floating around on the interwebs. I mean to, I’d like to, but life just seems to get the better of me. That said, one site that I do routinely stop by is, an interior design blog written by two women, a Canadian and an Australian, who are self-proclaimed “interior design junkies” (um, yeah, that’s definitely me too) and who share posts about all sorts of lovely goodness. Our styles don’t line up perfectly, and now and then they’ll present something I don’t love, but they’ve got a great eye and by and large I really enjoy what they share.

Credit: Gunnar Sverrisson

Credit: Gunnar Sverrisson

So somewhere between checking work email and checking to see when the next blizzard is going to hit today, I happened upon a post that really caught my eye.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so hard to find interesting and stimulating holiday accommodations, so when I happen to just trip across them I can’t help but do a little dance of delight. Home + Delicious is a collection of apartments in Reykjavik, that look purposefully curated and make me just one to grab the next Iceland Air special fare and get right over there. If you’re looking for contemporary accommodations these aren’t they, but they certainly have something alluring about them. Don’t you just want to jump in that bed and cook in that kitchen?

And then to my utter surprise and delight (again), I discovered for the first time the site that manages the Reykjavik apartments, WelcomeBeyond. It is home to a small, curated collection of accommodation rentals (both homes and boutique hotels) all around the world: “hand-picked paradise” in the words of the founders. The properties ranges from striking contemporary (like this Barbados property that I’ve been dying to experience for a couple of years now since I found it on another site) to entirely quirky. And there’s also everything in between. Being Europe-based, the great majority of the collection seems to be on the continent, but they have a spattering of options all over the world. I’m very excited to dive in and explore these properties to find the destination for our next holiday. We have nothing planned vis-a-vis future holidays, but when better to start planning the next one than now. Right?

Oh and p.s. This Fridge? And that wallpaper? Ahhhh.

Credit: Gunnar Sverrisson

Credit: Gunnar Sverrisson

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