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Living small: guest houses and tiny homes

I don’t know about you, but I regularly dream about having a guest house. I’m sure part of the allure is probably the fact that it’s (realistically) the closest I could ever get to owning a tiny or micro home, but the idea of owning so little and living so simply is incredibly appealing. As a result, I’m always intrigued by guest studios and houses with great design and are collecting them for the day when we own a property that could accommodate one!

Today’s post is a round up of a couple small houses that I think are entirely intriguing. The trigger for these musings was the photo above of these incredible asymmetric gems in the U.K.  They were conceived of as mobile artists’ studios rather than guest homes per se, but it’s the shape and form that I’m drawn to, and I figure you could configure them on the inside however you’d like. And those charred wood-clad sides….. !

Here’s another beautiful small home. The warm wood nicely balances the sharp angles and creates a welcoming space with a dreamy openness to the wilderness.


Along the same lines… and doesn’t this deck just call your name?

Asserbo Home | Textured Modern

And then for kicks, check out the “Nido”, a micro home in Finland that was designed to avoid the permitting process and was built in under two weeks. Cool from the outside and then has that gorgeous scandinavian design on the inside too.

Finnish Micro House | Textured Modern

Finnish micro house | Textured Modern


Imagine a couple of these Nidos dotted around a lake as a summer camp for family and friends… that would be a pretty phenomenal summer getaway wouldn’t it?


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