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Grand life changes

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? There have been just a few changes in our house these past two weeks: our twins were born, we made an offer on a new house (and it was accepted!), and we started showing our apartment in the hopes of a sale. Because apparently we like to take on a lot of change all in one fell swoop…

Anyway, while the sweet babies sleep, I’ve been trying to figure out how we’d like our new house to take shape. We had originally thought we’d buy a piece of land or a tear-down house and have the chance to dream up our perfect property: open and airy single-level, L- or U-shaped, enclosing a courtyard and lawn with a pool…. Yet a confluence of circumstance led us to this home — a grand old Federal-style house built in 1895 — which we’ll renovate extensively. So now we need to begin to think in renovation terms, to reflect on how to use this particular space, and to conjure images of what we want our new home to look like. And despite many years of dreaming about “perfect” homes and pinning beautiful images to my heart’s content, identifying what we actually want to do with this home is a lot harder than I would have ever imagined.

I sat down the other day with the floor plan and was completely stuck. I was trying to figure out how to open up the living level and modernize it and how to take the rabbit-warren-like upper level and turn it into something with more openness and a clearer flow. I was moving walls, eliminating cramped bathrooms, redesigning spaces, and then changing my mind just as quickly as I had drawn something. It was the strangest sensation, because when we had walked into the house for the first time we both thought it had great bones and would be an incredible canvas for what we wanted to create. But when it came down to actually thinking about what that was and the specifics of how we’d change things, I just couldn’t get my hear around it.  The good news is that we’ll be working with our friends at ZeroEnergy Design again, and whenever I can’t see the path forward they’ll inevitably have brilliant ideas. For now though, I feel like I’m standing behind a big wall and can’t quite see around the other side to the beautiful home that could be/will be.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see I’ve begun a new board to start to surface the look and feel we want for this new home. I’ll share a lot more about the house, my thoughts for the renovation, the process and all the goodness as we move forward. I hope you’ll chime in and help us create something incredible.


  1. Linda Robinette says

    I have complete faith you’ll make your family’s home the perfect place for you all!


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