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Discovering Mabo Kids

Every now and then I come across something with an aesthetic that immediately strikes my fancy and sparks intense admiration. In the past I’ve shared how Dinosaur Designs does this for me, and how I’m creating quite the little curated collection of their works in our home. Today I can’t help but share one of my recent discoveries, Mabo Kids.

I encountered Mabo Kids on Courtney Adamo’s instagram feed. Courtney, of the online kids boutique Babyccino, has a dreamy feed with zillions of pictures or her really cute kids and their family’s life in London. I have no idea how she keeps herself and her kids so stylish and makes it all looks so effortless (wait, yes I do, social media is the ultimate platform for curating the “best” moments of your life) but her photography is downright lovely to look at and her kids are adorable. In the past few weeks as the weather has warmed, I’ve noticed that a good few of her photos are of her lovely children in simple yet beautiful, textured outfits from Mabo Kids. So always drawn to gorgeous kids clothing, I headed over to Mabo Kids’ site today to see what might strike my fancy. And wow, did I love what I saw.


There’s something about the current collection that screams warm weather, bare feet, and hours of outside, fresh air fun on long summer days. The colors are alluringly muted, the fabrics are textured (think linen and gauze), and there’s something all at once vintage and modern about the look. Striped linen playsuits, boatneck tunics, organic cotton basics, and more, the pieces have thoughtful details like contrast zig zag stitching, wooden buttons, and fabric covered beads.

Mabo Kids_mimi_tunic_cream

Needless to say, I got lost on their site, clicking back and forth between all the lovely outfits and pondering what the twins might look like in playsuits and overalls when they can sit up, crawl or toddle, and just how many pairs of gauze drawstring pants Little L needs for this summer (answer: 1. Mabo Kids’s clothing is not exactly economical and could very quickly drain the healthiest of bank accounts…)

Unsurprisingly, I demonstrated zero self-restraint and ended up placing a small order. I can’t wait for the clothes to arrive in the post! I half believe they’ll come wrapped in brown paper and string (if they do I might cartwheel in glee… I’m undone by great packaging). I will definitely come back to report on the quality and durability of the outfits once Little L, E and A get to try out their new pieces and wear them in a bit. In the meantime, I hope you love perusing Mabo Kids’s site and their gorgeous pieces as much as I do.

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