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More than just a mattress

When we sold our house we received one of the best compliments that a design-crazy homeowner can ever hope to receive. The buyer’s agent said “the buyers really like your house as it is, and feel like they could move in today and not have to change a thing. Would you be interested in selling your furniture and decor?” Now most of the pieces we want to come with us — most particularly the live-edge walnut dining room table and steel-topped walnut bar my brother built — but we were certainly open to passing along some of our other pieces, and particularly those that are harder to move. One piece that we’ve agreed to sell to the buyer is our bed, The W Hotels Clive Bed, which we love. It’s really solid, great for sleeping and reading, and is such a nice example of understated contemporary furniture.

So now I’m on a hunt for a new bed and I wanted to share the beds that are on my shortlist. To set some design parameters, let me tell you that I’m mildly obsessed with upholstered beds because they are so inviting and comfortable.

So first the basics: West Elm, CB2, Room and Board all offer nice, simple upholstered beds that make good options when you’re looking to buy something quality without the price tag of European design. I think my favourite is the West Elm Sleigh bed but I’m intrigued by the beautiful and more interesting design of the CB2 Drommen bed.

The Hoffman Bed by Room & Board

The Hoffman Bed by Room & Board

The Upholstered Sleigh Bed by West Elm

The Upholstered Sleigh Bed by West Elm

The Drommen Bed by CB2

The Drommen Bed by CB2

Now onto the slightly more unique pieces, most of which are, unsurprisingly, Italian. Some are more hard to get your hands on than others since not all these designers have outposts or retail representation here in the U.S.. But if you’re reading this and happen to be living in Italy or elsewhere on the Continent, the gorgeous bed options are plentiful! So, to those I’ve found so far: I love the crazy texture of the Ligne Roset Ruche bed and the colour, simplicity and clean lines of Ligne’s Uzume bed too. The Timothy Bed by Enrico Cesana is ultimately inviting, looking almost like a stylishly overstuffed sofa of sorts. But my favourite so far is the Fulham bed by Molteni & C (the lead picture at the top of this post). I love the slight curve where the headboard meets the frame, the clean line of cleavage down the center of the headboard, and that walnut detail along the base. I’d quite like to go to sleep with that sort of design every night!


Uzume Bed by LIgne Roset

Timothy Bed by Enrico Cesana

Timothy Bed by Enrico Cesana

This has hardly been an extensive search, but I’m encouraged to have found so many good options so far.  Given the 8-16 weeks ordering timeframe for most furniture, I’ll need to order something in the next couple of weeks so that our time spent sleeping on a mattress on the floor is kept to a minimum!  So what do you think? Do you have a preference? Anything look ultimately inviting to you?

p.s. If you’ve happened upon this post and are looking for a bed yourself but don’t love any of these, don’t forget good resources like Archiproducts. That site is sure to lead you down a rabbit hole of modern and contemporary European inspiration.


    • It is so beautiful, isn’t it? It’s the Fulham Bed by Molteni & C. I am entirely in love with it but chose to go a different direction (Handsome bed by Bolzan Letti) because of the high prices of the Molteni & C line. Glad you liked it.


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