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Decisions, decisions and a touch of fun in the kitchen

If you know me, you know I love a good kitchen backsplash. In home design, I often think of the backsplash as an empty canvas just waiting to be explored (exploited?). It’s a great place to show the personality of your home, with a touch of color, pattern, or texture. With that in mind, it’s now time to decide on the backsplash for our new home and I need your help.

You’ll remember that in our last apartment, we had a beautiful vermillion back-painted glass backsplash. It really stood out in our apartment and was a great focal point in the expansive kitchen.

This time round, as we’ve talked about before, the plan is for a Scandinavian modern house with some punchy geometric accents. Along these lines, I have a reference image that I love, and that I had hoped to use as the basis for our new kitchen. As you can see below, it’s this incredible geometric patterned wall paper by Minakani set against light grey cabinetry. And I had big plans for a really bold backsplash covered in this very wallpaper. Check it out:

Dining room with Mosaic Wallpaper by Minakani

Quite something isn’t it?

But then, during the kitchen design process, I decided that what I really love in kitchen imagery and what I really want for our own kitchen is a big, open, airy space with hardly any upper cabinetry. And so far the design is looking pretty spectacular (thanks to a collaboration with HenryBuilt and ZeroEnergy Design). But all that openness and airiness means that we have a beautiful kitchen design and a massive “backsplash”, one so large in fact that it’s really much more of a big kitchen wall than a typical backsplash. And that awesome Minakani geometric paper? Not so awesome when it’s an entire wall…. just too overwhelming. So I have decided to save this wallpaper idea for somewhere else in the house, and in the meantime we are back at the drawing board for the big kitchen wall. And my latest idea is a wall full of these Swiss Cross tiles from Cle, which grabbed my love and attention the moment I set eyes on them:

cle-cement-classic-swiss-cross-group-1200-1So great, decision made, right? Not so fast. Choosing the colors for these beauties isn’t so simple. There are many options in color and grayscale to choose from. So I’m turning to you, dear readers, to help me choose. To help, the team at ZeroEnergy have rendered the proposed kitchen visuals with a couple different options, all in grayscale because color was too much/too strong for the space.

So what do you think?

2015_12_03_Render_Backsplash_Stone Cross

White / Stone

2015_12_07_Render_Backsplash_White crosses_Ash background

Ash / White

2015_12_07_Render_Backsplash_White with Charcoal

White / Charcoal

Which one do you like best? Here’s your chance to help design this home! Jump in and let me know in the comments section below. I’ll be sure to reciprocate and let you know which I choose and also post photos of the kitchen once complete.

Thanks for the help!

p.s. Yes I’m obsessed with grey, and yes I considered color, but it just seemed too bright/too much with a massive wall all full of colour.

p.p.s. You’ll need to mentally erase the wooden stools in the renderings, as we’ll most likely stick with our amazing gunmetal grey Tolix stools.


  1. Andrea Wolffenbuttel says

    Well, my dear friend Jessica, you know me, I´m Brazilian and for me, the most colorful is the best. So, I congratulate you for your elegant taste and I chosse the third option. Miss you.


  2. Linda Mitchell says

    I would go with white/charcoal. i love grey too…and think this is the one you wouldn’t get tired of. I like the crispness of this one.


  3. Chris says

    I originally liked the ash/ but with the grey stools then I also agree with the others that the charcoal will look crisp and bright. Whatever you choose we can guarantee it will be stylish and tasteful. Xxx


  4. Alex Berardi says

    The third option! You are so lucky to have so much storage as to eliminate many upper cabinets – looks wonderful.

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  5. I guess white and stone – the others seem so bold for such a big space. But I am obviously out of touch as all the others thihnk you should go with something more wow-ish


  6. I really like the Minakani pattern but I understand that too much would be just that, too much. I’m not crazy about the swiss cross pattern but if I had to choose, I’d pick ash/white. This is fun getting to voice an opinion.


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  8. Hi Mary Anne, we ultimately chose a white tile with a mid grey Swiss cross. There’s a picture of it coming along on Instagram and while it’s not completely finished, I’ll take some more pictures this weekend and share here if you’d like!


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