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And then there were walls

Oh, it’s been forever since I last wrote here (I say that almost every time I post, don’t I?) and so much has happened in our lives during these past four months. It was mostly due to the fact that I left my establishment job to go out on my own and start a boutique consulting firm, but my partner has also been traveling a ton for work, the kids are keeping us on our toes, the renovation is ongoing… you know, the list goes on. During it all, there has been an incredible amount of progress over at the house and I’ve decided it’s high time to share a little.

So, we have plastered walls now, the kitchen is being installed, shelves are going in closets, and apparently tile will be installed next week! It’s not much to see in photos, but it’s really amazing to behold on site. I’ve had to pick lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, paint colors, the list goes on and on. It’s even time to pick the new furniture since delivery often takes 12-16 weeks. And guess what? We are 11.5 weeks away from move in! How incredible is that?

I’m planning to share more about all the choices in a separate post (or two or three) but for now, here are some photos of the progress. First, downstairs. The featured photo above shows the kitchen with HenryBuilt casework almost fully installed (but covered to protect it from everything else going on). You can see the light colored wood (Ash) that I chose for the upper casework on the left wall where the range will go and also for the vertical casework on the right wall where the freezer and refrigerator will go. That backsplash wall on the left is just itching for the amazing Cle tile that you helped choose, isn’t it?

You don’t even remotely get a sense of the spaciousness and wonderfulness of the living/dining area in this next photo as the room is full of building materials but nonetheless, you can see just how lovely the windows all are. The big wall at the end of the photo that looks papered over is actually the fireplace, which will be treated just like the fireplace in our old apartment, with a rough slate tile.

2016_05_33 Leicester_Living Room

Upstairs things are looking really fantastic too. Here are two photos of the bedrooms, which overlook the backyard (we have a backyard!). The photo below is the master bedroom and you can see the half wall against which the bed will rest, and also the amazing windows. These European windows were expensive and a bit of a stretch for us but I am so glad we chose to go with them as they are a real feature of the house and will make it the light and airy space that we have always wanted it to be. I was worried I might regret them but I don’t even for a second.

2016_05_33 Leicester_Master Bedroom

The photo below is one of the children’s bedrooms, which will have a reading nook built into that firebox you can see on the right-hand side of the photo. I can’t wait to show you photos of the reading nook when it’s complete as it will be wrapped in wood and paired with a smaller wood wrapped bookshelf box on the wall above.

2016_05_33 Leicester_Childrens Bedroom

So, what do you think? Move in date is September 1st. Who will be the first to visit us in our new home? 🙂



  1. Granma says

    SO excited for you “all” and chomp’n at the bit for you to get in your new digs, Sept. 1 cannot get here fast enough :-)!!!


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