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The stunningly modern urban “barn”

Allow me to present you this “barn”, re-imagined for urban dwellers with a key appreciation for the modern. I can’t help but immediately share this incredible home with you. It’s nothing short of stunning. The gorgeous industrial siding in my favourite shade of grey and the way it envelops a textured, warm wooden facade. Those strong vertical lines of the steel that contrast perfectly with the much more narrow horizontal stripes of wood. Oh and the open, airy interior. And that awesomely asymmetric window in the living room with the strong black frame that pops so compellingly from the blank-canvas-like white walls. I’m pretty sure I could move into this house tomorrow and be delighted. Maybe they’ll rent it out and we can add it to our design-conscious traveler series? Oh I wish. Right this way for more on this fantastic home or head on over and check out the architect’s site.

A beautiful skyscraper in São Paulo. Wait, what?

While in São Paulo recently, I was lucky enough to spend some time in the new pad of one of my very close friends. They live in this amazing new building that’s been designed to take advantage of it’s hillside location and to give each apartment a wonderfully open, yet sheltered outdoor living area almost as big as the apartments themselves. Take a look at the clever use of space and the original design, it’s really something. Of course it wouldn’t work in temperate climates, but if we lived in the middle of a hugely dense, urban city with a pleasurable climate I think I might just want to live in something precisely like this. And yes, that gorgeously bold yellow walkway is real and is the path by which you enter the building once inside the security fence. Oh and it has a gorgeous lap pool, indoor/outdoor kids play area (with an eames elephant no less), and gym. You know, just to top it all off.

São Paulo

I travel to São Paulo a lot these days and it’s always such a mixed experience. The people are nothing short of incredible, the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever worked with, and yet the city itself is utterly draining. Maybe it’s because I’m not the big metropolis type, more into the mid-sized manageable city with its quirks and charms and real sense of community. Being amidst all the noise, traffic, old concrete and new glass just isn’t my idea of a great city, neither for business nor pleasure travel (let alone to live in). But on my last trip there, as I stood on the 23rd floor of one of the city’s many hotels, making small talk with a woman I had just met, I saw the city in a whole new light. For the first time I was able to see above and beyond the constructed mass, to see the edges of the city, to see pockets of green space, and to begin to see the real contours of the build environment. “It’s …