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The Runcible

There’s been a bit of buzz lately around the Runcible: its beautiful lines, gorgeous warm-hued wooden exterior, and its simplistically chic concept. I mean, who wouldn’t spot this flying-saucer-meets-modernism objet d’art and be curious, right? If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out. It’s basically a new gadget that is supposed to integrate our digital lives in a post-iPhone/iPad sort of way. In fact, it’s actually supposed to become a bit of an heirloom, like a pocketwatch, and is described in the press release as the “first-ever fully round screen and palm-sized form [that] is modeled on devices that humans have always carried with them: the pocket watch, the compass, the magical stone that fits the palm of our hand.” The rest of the marketing copy is alluring too, telling us that the Runcible is the device that’s going to untether us from our non-stop digital lives and allow us to experience the world around us without interruptions and in new ways, while having an interface to our digital lives close by. Oh and did I …

An exercise in contrast: public space in Luxembourg

This is Textured Modern to a T. Look at this installation: a seating tunnel, or cut-through, on the grounds of a former steel mill in Luxembourg. Urban, edgy, rough concrete, warm wood with strong vertical lines…. And that asymmetry! I love the contrast of the welcoming enclosed space with the stark, industrial, open city square. Can you even imagine if we began to transform old industrial spaces in urban areas all over the world with creative human-centered installations like AllesWirdGut has done here? Talk about changing the way we experience the build environment…. Talk about striking textured modern design… (via Contemporist)